Custom Rustic Wood Trim

ProRustics’ custom designed rustic wood trim is produced in our shop by using unique distressing techniques with locally purchased solid wood materials. Whether you are a contractor looking to order a custom rustic trim package or a homeowner hoping to upgrade, we have you covered. All trim comes stained and finished, ready for install.

Define the Atmosphere

Trim plays a huge role in creating a custom atmosphere within your home. Each piece of ProRustics textured trim is completely unique. Whether you decide to purchase our trim for install by someone else or choose to have us install it, we would love to see you make a decision towards high quality interior trim.

Add a Sense of Intrigue

We believe that extra care should be given to installing your homes interior trim as it has the ability to define the feel of a room on its own. Combined with tasteful accents and furniture, ProRustics custom trim will always add a subtle sense of intrigue to a rooms makeup. While installing trim we use the same care and attention to detail as we do while making our top of the line rustic furniture.

Rustic Wood Trim Gallery

These are just a few examples of our custom rustic wood trim installations. We work with you to create a distinctive look and feel that will compliment any room and furniture combination.

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