Saddle Seat Rustic Bar Stools

Saddle Seat Rustic Bar Stools


These one of a kind rustic bar stools are crafted with two things in mind: comfort and character. These stools made of solid wood and are very sturdy.
Available in multiple configurations. Create your own custom quote below. Please contact us if you have questions about customizing your rustic bar stools. (See description below for list of sizes and details.)



These rustic saddle seat bar stools have a uniquely curved seat that provides a comfortable experience as well as a visually appealing accent. Depending on the orientation of the seat grain you can have a bull’s-eye design or an X design within the curve of the seat. That is what makes these stools especially unique.

Our Saddle Seat Rustic Bar Stools are Available in Multiple Configurations:


  • Standard 9×16” Seat
  • Large 11×18 “ Seat
  • All rustic bar stools come with 2-Coat Clear Finish


  • 24”
  • 27”
  • 30”
  • Custom

All of our furniture is custom-built to order. If you have specific design preferences or need custom dimensions please contact us to discuss your order.

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24", 27", 30", Custom

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